We have just loved working with some lovely people we think you should know about.

For instance, Christin worked for many, many months with me to get this website perfect. I adore her work and would recommend her for any design / website work you may need.
Her own website can be found here:

Another wonderfully talented person I have had the pleasure of working with is Randy from Mythographics. He is my marketing guru and has come up with some brilliant ideas. Check out his website here:

My poor little girl has had some rough patches - and has been sick quite a bit. After many times in the emergency department, we finally took her to see a Naturopath Doctor. His name is Dr. Derek Cook and he runs a clinic in Calgary called Health Flow. He took the time to get to know us and Amelia and to asses what might be the issue. He is now accepting new patients, and I would recommend everyone to go and visit him. After all those emergency room visits and back and forth to the doctor, Dr. Cook was able to help us find a solution to what was troubling our little girl in a non invasive, caring and calming way. Check out the website:

Pregnant? Have you ever thought of Belly Casting? There is a wonderful Edmonton based business called "Love My Bump":
We think it is an amazingly beautiful way to remember your pregnancy and to get the whole family involved (wish we knew about it when we were expecting but, there is always next time...)

I have had the privilege (and I do mean privilege) to work with Linda Patterson at Timeless Edge Photography. This woman is truly an artistic genius as well as being a genuine and wonderful soul. I would encourage everyone to contact her and get some family photos done. Check out her gallery of gorgeous pictures: http://www.timelessedge.com/

We currently live in Edmonton, Alberta and we believe in supporting the local businesses. I just love this website:

Do you live in Edmonton too? There are some fabulous craft fairs that happen year -round. Here are some of their websites:

After Amelia was born, I wanted to get out of the house and meet other new moms. I found a great place to do that and also a great way to get back into shape. Amelia and I enrolled in Salsa Babies and we have been attending classes ever since she was just a baby. I throughly recommend checking it out - you learn how to salsa dance while carrying your baby. Fabulous!

I just love supporting other amazing work from home moms and I hope you do too. Check out:
Such a lovely website that offers customized wall decals. How perfect for your little one's nursery.