Hello, and welcome to our little boutique. Thank you for stopping by.

In February of 2009, our life was forever changed with the birth of our first child, Amelia. Being a new parent was filled with challenges – everything from sleepless nights to learning how to hold and dress a newborn to figuring out what kinds of items worked best for her and for us.

My husband and I have always tried our best to be environmentally responsible so, even before Amelia was born, we planned to use cloth diapers. I have to say, cloth diapering was a whole new world for us, and I did a great deal of research on-line and in baby stores talking to other moms and shop owners for recommendations. It can be quite daunting when you first start out (so many different kinds of diapers – AIO, pocket, prefolds…), but after much trial and error, we finally figured out a system that works for us. I am pleased to be able to offer our favorite diapers here.

Another aspect of our lives that we are passionate about is finding unique products that celebrate and support small business. So when Amelia was born, I focused my energies on finding just the perfect items for her. Along the way, I met some amazing people – truly gifted crafters who take great pride in what they do. It is a wonderful thing to work with such lovely folk.

Working on this store has been a labor of love (pardon the pun..) and I am excited to be able to share  this with other mothers and caregivers. I would love to hear your feedback  or suggestions, so feel free to reach me at:


Thank you for supporting small business, have a wonderful day!