Sleep Pea Pod - Multi

Sleep Pea Pod - MultiSleep Pea Pod - MultiSleep Pea Pod - Multi

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Sleep Pea Pod - Multi

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The perfect solution for a child who loves to be swaddled without the hassle of swaddling. Sleep Pea Pod is designed to keep a child's arms inside the Pod by taking advantage of a fabric pocket that catches little hands as they push to the top. Sleep Pea Pod keeps your child snug and secure while allowing enough wiggle room to ensure a great night's sleep. For babies that do not like to be swaddled, Sleep Pea Pod can be used in the Arms-Free mode as a wearable alternative to a blanket.

One size fits most infants 0-9 months old

"Just felt the need to brag about my daughters cozy pea pod, used by my new baby Evelyn. Not only is she warm through out the night but, she is a wiggle worm and won't keep blanket on- problem solved with this product. The pea pod allows her to be active and remain covered. It also grows with her- as she is nearing 4 months- it is still a perfect fit! Thanks Jaclyn and lala ladybug for such an awesome product."
-Rebecca, Edmonton

"I also got a Sleep Pea Pod in a 0-9 month size (which would have fit "M" for almost a year!). Basically what it is an easy way to swaddle your child without having to worry about blankets..velcro or your baby squirming out of it. It kinda looks like a tappered sack...its made of fleece...and it has some extra fabric folded in on itself (inside the Pea Pod) so your little squirmy worms hands get stuck in there and they can't make their way out of it :) I actually tried it on "M" in the arms free mode...which is when you keep their arms out of the Sleep Pea Pod. She actually fit in it...but I know 100%... the next baby will use this! I love it and wish I found it while "M" was small. It is machine washable and the patterns and colours are really vibrant."
-Review from The Baby Bottom Line

Thanks to Linda Patterson from Timeless Edge Photography for these beautiful photos of baby Evelyn

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