Toddler Backpack la la ladybug

Toddler Backpack la la ladybugToddler Backpack la la ladybug

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Toddler Backpack la la ladybug

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The toddler backpack is the perfect size for your tiny tot, with no zippers or velcro to struggle with! 
They can feel like an independent 'big kid' and pack/unpack/carry their favorie treasures eveywhere.

It has a nice crisp feel due to the stiff interfacing used throughout, and keeps it's shape, even when empty. A loop at the top makes it easy to hang anywhere.

Made with love by L'il Rokker Gear from Morinville, Alberta

**The additional images of the cassette back pack are provided to show you what the back of the backpack looks like and approximate dimensions**
Since all backpacks are handmade, they may not look exactly like the photos. But, that is what makes each one of them unique!