Much thanks to everyone who sends us these lovely e-mails - we are so appreciative of all feedback :-) 

Hi Jaclyn,
I found your store by doing an internet search for Mrs. Robinson Size 2. It must have picked up a tag on your site. :) I'm trying to complete my stash with some harder to find colours so I have been scowering the interwebz for any Mrs. R, Eucalyptus, Periwinkle and Sailor Blue. I know I have some work cut out for me.

But now that I've found your webpage, I'll certainly be a repeat customer. Especially after the customer service I received.
Thank you again,

I've been meaning to write you for past several weeks - life gets busy and I get easily distracted - to let you know it was a pleasure doing business with La La Ladybug.   The wrapping of the Applecheeks covers with the 'ladybug seals' were a big hit with Liz.   The wooden ladybugs are now fridge magnets and Liz has been handing out your URL to all the new and expecting moms she knows since she opened the package.

Hi Jaclyn,
 Thank you so much for your note, I really appreciate it.  

 I met you at Weestock and you were so friendly and helpful that 
 I knew I wanted to get some diapers from you.  
 I am just in the process of getting ready for my first baby, 

 due in March.  I really like Rumparooz because they are a 
 one size that will (hopefully) fit as soon as he's born.  I 
 don't think I have any questions, but if anything comes up, I
 will definitely ask.
 Thanks again, it's a pleasure doing business with someone so lovely.


Another wonderful review from Mommy Time Out:

So how much do you LOVE the name of this online boutique?  You know it caught my eye when I saw the ladybug in the name.  I was so excited when Jaclyn, the founder of lala Ladybug, allowed me the opportunity to review some of the products they sell.

Jaclyn is a mom, like most of us, and wants to share the products that she finds the most beneficial for her baby girl Amelia.  She also likes to support other small businesses by offering them a place to sell their products.  When you check out lala Ladybug, you may even recognize a few companies I've reviewed in the past.  You will also notice that they support a lot of Canadian companies.  Being from Canada, you know I love that!

Jaclyn was kind enough to send me 4 items for review.  Schnookums, Sweet-e-clips, Cookie Safe and Anointment Healing Skin Ointment.

Schnookums - These are so cute!  I got 2 adorable hair clips.  I loved these.  They are very well made.  The hair clips held in Bella's hair which is amazing in itself.  Her hair is so thin, so I've only come across a few companies who actually make hair clips that work for her.  The first was a small pink clip with hearts and the second was a wider clip with trees.  They held so well in Bella's hair that she didn't even pull them out.  Made in B.C. Canada!

Sweet-e-clips - I got the cutest pacifier clip with little monkeys on them.  What better way to keep your childs pacifier off the floor?  It has a strong, durable clip to keep it on our childs clothes and a sturdy velcro to hold the pacifier.  Best of all for us Canadians...made in Edmonton, Alberta.

Cookie Safe - So how many times do you go to your diaper bag to grab your little one a snack and find them all crushed?  As much as our infants love Mums Mums, they don't hold up very well.  Cookie safe is a great way to keep from having the cookie crumble.  It comes in 3 colours purple, green and orange.  It is PVC and BPA free.  I have used it on numerous occasions and I have had perfect snack every time.

Anointment Healing Skin Ointment - anointment is an organic ointment to keep our babies skin safe.  It has soothing herbs to relieve irritated skin conditions.  Certified Organic by OCPP/Pro-Cert Canada Inc.  Did I mention it's made in Nova Scotia, Canada.

So if you like, no check that, if you love what you see here, make sure you check out lala Ladybug's website.  They have so much to offer.  If you're a fan of cloth diapers, you absolutely need to check out this site.  Coming across this site has made me very interested in cloth diapers.  I am thinking about using them with a possible baby #2.  

Special thanks to Jaclyn for opening my life to cloth diapers and for allowing me the opportunity to review these amazing products!

We just received a review from Smookie Style and we couldn't be happier! 
The link is here:

"I recieved a few items from La La Ladybug yesterday! La La Ladybug is a Canadian online retailer that focuses on eco-friendly items, clothdiapering and supporting small businesses.

I was able to test out a Cookie Safe, which is a pretty neat idea. It was created to keep popular brands of pre-packaged cookies from being crushed. I wish I'd have heard about it when E was into Mum Mums, because this thing was built to carry them!! It's about the size of a standard case that holds eye glasses, it's hard plastic and super durable. Because E isn't into Mum Mums anymore, I opted to put those Pringles Sticks into it...and E loved carrying it around.

Next I got to test out a few clips from Schnookums Bows. Proudly made in British Columbia, these little clips, bows and snappies are just adorable! They even host e-parties that offer rewards for the host!! Like Tupperware, but with hair accessories!!

And last, but certainly not least, I recieved a QD Belt by Sweet-E-Clips. The belt I was sent is red with black polka dots (think: ladybug) and E is totally in LOVE with it!! She calls it her "bug belt". The belt is D-ring style and made of sturdy one inch webbing with ribbon sewn overtop. There's also ribbon that loops around to the back, so that the belt remains stylish while closed. Sweet-E-Clips also makes soother clips!

Thank you Jaclyn, for sending me such super-cool items! You were a pleasure to work with and I loved doing up your review!

For more information and ordering, please visit"

Smookie Style reviewed us again:

After doing my recent review for La La Ladybug, Jaclyn informed me that there was one more item that she wanted me to test out! BONUS!

So I recieved some Baby Balm by Anointment. This is seriously wonderful stuff. I love anything to do with Olive Oil and this ointment is packed with it!

E's been in and out of cloth diapers lately as I fight like heck to clear up her persistent bum rash from teething, tummy troubles, etc. Not to mention that she has a cold, so her nose is raw too! Baby Balm has come to my rescue! While she's in her cloth diapers, this is a cream that I can use and know that it won't negatively affect the absorbency of the diapers at all (as long as I put a little liner/washcloth in between bum and diaper). It's been fantastic in healing up the dry skin on E's nose from wiping boogies all week. It's magnificent on my cuticles -- an added bonus to lubing E up with Baby Balm each night before bed!!

Baby Balm is made in Halifax, Nova Scotia...yay for another FABULOUS Canadian product!! I'm totally in love with this stuff and cannot wait to order more!

Thanks again, Jaclyn, for sending me another wonderful product!!

Thanks to Rebecca for sending us these wonderful photos of her little girl in the minky sleep pea pod
"Just felt the need to brag about my daughters cozy pea pod, used by my new baby Evelyn. Not only is she warm through out the night but, she is a wiggle worm and won't keep a blanket on- problem solved with this product. The pea pod allows her to be active and remain covered. It also grows with her- as she is nearing 4 months- it is still a perfect fit! Thanks Jaclyn and lala ladybug for such an awesome product."
-Rebecca, Edmonton

"I really do love your products and you've added so much more since I last checked out your site.  We are loving the hats and soother clip.  Fabulous, fabulous stuff!"

-Jenn, Valleyview

We received a great write up on "Memories by Sparky"'s blog:
"Meet Jaclyn, Amelia and Rob.

Jaclyn owns and runs la la ladybug in Edmonton, AB. Becoming a new mom for the first time last year, Jaclyn was faced with many of the "new" mom challenges, she wants to ensure that she is leaving a green footstep on the environment as her and Rob raise Ameilia - so cloth diapers were a definate "must". After spending countless hours researching different products, talking to other moms and shop owners, Jaclyn knew what she had to do....then - la la ladybug was born... not just limited to stylish diapers! Jaclyn offers so many other fantastic products from baby gear essentials to some handmade goodness - which range from baby balm to paci clips to stylish mommy bags, a little boutique that is owned by a large loving heart - Jaclyn's business can be said to have a multitude of babylicious and mommylicious  goodies! A must for any new mommy to be or current mommy! "

Thank you Sue for the blog and the photos!

"I received a present from some girlfriends, all stuff from your store.  I have the inspirational birds diaper bag (Love, Faith, etc) and love it.  We use a soother clip on Mabel's car seat, it's cute and very handy (it's the green monkey one), that's the only time she ever takes it.  I use bummas, love 'em, and also we got the gift set of bum/body ointments with the lavender bath (baby gift set from lalabee), love them too- I use them more than any other creams we've received from people!  I am also excited to use the brown/teal flapper hat when she is older- my friends spoiled me, and I had to check out your website after. "
-Laura from Edson, AB 

" I love love LOVE the store, and think it is wonderful that you are supporting local business!"

"The Kiera" (a custom order hat)

"I love it! I would order another hat in a heartbeat!"
-Robynn from Edmonton

"Thank you so much for your fantastic customer service!" 
-Kayla from Edmonton

 "My little guy had really dry skin on his forehead, to the point his skin was flaking off and it was really itchy. I started using the Anointment Baby Balm on it and it instantly started working. I've kept using it once or twice a day and have no more dry skin problems!"
-Stephanie from Calgary

"Hi Jaclyn,

Just got in & wanted to thank you for everything, before I forgot! Your service was AMAZING & the extra added touch of the delivery, wrapping, & the thank you card made the gift & your store experience even better!
The entire gift was a big success & I will be passing your site on to many!
Thanks again,

"You have an awesome website and offer some amazing products. I'm also a Work from Home Mom too, and am always look for others like myself to support. Blessings to You!!"

"I just stumbled upon your site last night and was really really impressed. I loved the website in general and you have just a great selection of baby items! I can't wait to get those diapers into my stash!"  
Alison, Nova Scotia

Here is a great photo of little Sophia in her Gabi hat and her new rumparooz, thanks for sending this to us Sandra.


"We were lucky enough to receive a couple of the Rumparooz for Sophia's 1st birthday from a great friend who purchased them from LaLa Ladybug! I first saw these cute diapers on Jaclyn's little lady and thought they looked adorable! But, as with most diapers, I was skeptical! Not all cute diapers are absorbent..... We have been using these diapers for over a month now and LOVE them! They fit Sophia really well and are MORE than absorbent! We have not had a single leak yet. Sophia is a heavy wetter and has leaked out of several diapers before but has yet to find a way to bust out of these diapers! We also love the adorable patterns and how contoured these diapers are! They certainly get our A+++++ stamp of approval!"
 Sandra Boyd

Sarah sent us a few photos of her little girl, Irene, in the One Size FuzziBunz. Thanks for the great photos Sarah.
"I am loving the FuzziBunz one-size diapers. I especially love the trim fit of these diapers; they are less bulky that any other diaper we tried, without compromising on fit or absorbency. Thanks to Jaclyn at LalaLadybug, we are a cloth diapering family - the service I received was friendly, open and helpful. I would recommend that anyone considering cloth diapering have a heart-to-heart with Jaclyn!".

And here is what Andrea Morris has to say about the Cookie Safe:

"I love this product! At snack times while out and about, my 14 month old daughter was constantly eating crumbs out of my hand due to what I've termed "the diaper bag squeeze". But since I got my hands on the Cookie Safe, she can now munch on full size, intact cookies or crackers! She's insistent on self feeding at this stage, so it's great to be able to give her a larger feeding project so my hands can be free to do other things! And it fits two packages of Mum Mum crackers perfectly."

We just love receiving pictures of your little ones, and we would love to hear your feedback. You can send us photos and comments on the "contact us" page and you can also send them to :