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This page is dedicated to you and the stories you want to share about the fun and challenges of raising that little bundle of joy. If you have a great tip that you'd like to submit to help other mommies and daddies out, then please send it along. If you have an adorable picture of your guy or gal, it would be lovely to post it here.

In the May newsletter, I asked to hear your stories about camping with kids, here is one response from Chenoa in Australia:

Hi Jaclyn!!
Just thought I'd offer you some words of encouragement about camping with lil ones! We took Tayia camping for the first time when she was 11 months old! She LOVED IT!! And although it wasn't quite as relaxing as camping used to be, it was soooo much fun!!! We had Tay sleep in the tent with us but in future I would prob buy a 2 room tent and give her her own room. The Kookaburra's, (a very loud aussie bird,) woke her up every morning at sunrise  but her early morning walks around the campsite smiling and blowing kisses to the other early risers was priceless!! I think as long as you are prepared clothes wise for all kinds of weather, have some toys for rainy days, and are ready to just go with the flow rather than have set activities, you'll have a really great camping trip! There's nothing like seeing everything for the first time again through a childs eyes!
Cheers and happy camping!


 Thanks for sharing your story with us Chenoa.

This Christmas (2009), my husband and I finally able to reveal our good news. Our chldren, Maddy and Harrison had made a long standing joke about wanting a new baby for Christmas. Greg and I never planned to actually do this but, it was funny nonetheless. We found out in late August we were expecting. After tears, hospitals visits and shocks, we managed to hold onto this little one. We decided we would keep it under wraps as the complications were mounting. Can I tell you how hard it is to pull this off with older kids in the house. I became a good fibber- ever need a tale to get you out of a bind, call me. Once we got past the 1st trimester, we started to tell some people. As a joke, we decided to wait till Christmas morning to tell the kids. It is a tough secret to keep. I was quickly becoming round and showing, became my joke fear. Finally, Christmas was here. Our first gift, ultrasound pictures. We wept, they wept, funny though- neither child can figure out how I hid it, for so long. Neither can we!
-Rebecca Holland